With a virtual showing of a virtual office space, you can invite potential clients inside 24 hours a day.

A virtual showing of an office space gievs the owner of the space, an unique chance to invite potential clients inside in 360 degrees, and get a feel and touch of the space before visiting it in real life.
Both the owner and potential clients can save time and ressources with a virtual showing.
Potential clients will be able to step inside an interactive version of the physical office space, and take a virtual tour, while getting information about the space they see.


Let your clients visit your business 24/7

Present your products virtually.

The newest in 3D technology

A customized solution that fits your needs

3D models and floor plans

With a virtual office space, you can invite your clients inside and see your space 24/7 from different angles.

Virtual tour

Potential clients can visit your space in 360 degrees, and see the facilitites, like if they where there in real life. 

3D Model

A 3D model gives potential clients the full view of the space, and makes it possible to see the space from different angles, from the side and from above.

3D Floorplan

Give potential clients the full view of all the rooms and allow them to see it all from above.

Try it yourself 

Use your mouse to navigate around the hotel by clicking the white circles on the floor. The three small icons in the bottom left corner allows you to see the hotel in 3D.


No limitations

No matter the size of the job, industry or needs for special features, we will get the job done. Its your needs that decides what we will do.

Save ressources

Optimize yours and your clients time, minimize costs and spend your time developing your business, instead of spending time and travel costs for physical sales meetings.

Take advantage of the newest technology

Our team are specialized in creating 3D virtual tours, adding on special features that will add more value. We only use the newest technology, and make sure that the end result are compatible with your setup.

Special features

Take advantage of all the possibilities by adding tags, highlight special areas inside the virtual tour, or have online meetings inside your virtual tour.

Show your logo and strengthen your brand

Menu – Create shortcuts to specific areas in the virtual tour

Info-tags, so that the user during the tour around your space can get more information like text, photos or video

Analytics, that gives you data about your visitors behavior inside your virtual space

Live-feature; Arrange video-meetings with your clients inside the virtual space – give them a virtual tour, while talking on the live-feed

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