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360company is an agency who has specialized in creating virtual presentations, that helps both danish and international companies within the private- and public sector, preparing for the future customer journey.

We create virtual presentations, 3D models and interactive floor plans, based on your physical location.

Our virtual presentations comes with several types of features, that makes the presentation extra user friendly, and takes it to the next level. Every day we strive to shape the future of how physical locations are presented. We allow your clients get closer to your business – safely, secure and with the best technology available.

How we approach things

No matter the distance between the location of your business and your client or collaborators, it needs to feel natural to do business with you. Thats why we always strive to create a First Person Point of View, and make sure that it almost feels like being there in person..

There will always be a difference between reality and the the virtual world, but we can remove the obstacles like the physical distance between you and your client. Its up to you to create the best conditions for closing the deal with help from the newest techonology. The virtual meeting feels more natural, and the presentation of the physical location, feels much closer.


Gaining traction and culture are key elements to us

On all jobs we work on, our main focus are customer engagement. how and where can we give the best experience, and create the quickest way for our clients to close the deal with their clients. For making that happen, we need to work closely together with our clients and their teams.

The best quality in the market – every time
We make sure that the product are well-designed and with a high level of details.  We spend more time than usual to do the scanning to get the best result. Thats why we never deliver a virtual presentation with blind spots, or black areas.

Every job no matter the size, are important to us, and therefore we always treat every job with the same precision and quality-assurance.

Both national- and international experience creating virtual presentations
With 10 years of experience within the industry creating virtual presentations, we have become the market leader in the industry, working in Denmark and abroad through local partners. It has taken a lot of hard work to become the market leader, together with our focus on customer satisfactory and quality assurance. Our customers keeps coming back to us, making it possible for us to build a strong customer base with long term customer relationsships.

Our clients

We work with clients in all types of industries, with clients from both the private sector, and the public sector. No matter if its a home, a showroom, day care center or a large production facility you want to present a virtual version off, we can help you.

Its only your imagination that sets the limit – so reach out to us if you want us to help you.

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If you already know by now, that a virtual presentation are necessary for you to show off your physical location, then you should get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you how we can help you.

Contact Head of Sales, Kim Larsen at: +45 35 12 12 00

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