High-resolution virtual presentations

No matter if its homes, showrooms, day care centers, hotels or production facilities, we create an innovative virtual product, that gives the end user a unique access to your business without having to show up in real life.

Extra features

Live-meetings, highlight your logo and brand, menu with shortcuts to specific areas, product descriptions, photo and videos, Analytics and much more that takes your business to the next level.

High standard in delivery

Detailed planning and execution of every job, no matter the size. We dont look at the size of the client, only at delivering a perfect end product to our clients.


Keep your clients onboard

Increase sales and keep your clients onboard

Appear professional – we only use the newest technology

Integrate our solution on to your own platform

A professional presentation no matter the needs and location

We work with


The private sector


The public sector, e.g. day care centers, schools, psychiatric institutions, etc.

International companies

We already work with

How it works


You contact us to get a price based on the size of your location.


Our operator visits your location to create the virtual tour, while making sure that all areas are scanned with our high tech equipment


Within 1-2 weeks, the end result are delivered to you in our usual high quality