Professional Virtual Presentations for innovative businesses

By using the latest technology, and specialized operators mixed with the professional execution, we can create an interactive and user-friendly virtual presentation of your company.

All our products can easily be integrated with your present setup – we will handle all the technical stuff, so all you need to think about is how to present it to your clients or end users.


To create the best possible presentation to increase your sales, our virtual presentation comes with a virtual walkthrough, a 3D model of the space, and a 3D floor plan.

Virtual Walkthrough

With a number of 360 degree scans, a digital space are created, based on the physical location, so your clients can take a virtual tour around your business, and get a first impression – from a distance.

Your visitors can get close to your products, like if they where there in person. They can get an impression of the room they are thinking about arranging a conference in, or experiencing how it will be to walk around in the dream house.


3D Model

With a 3D model its possible for the client or a visitor to see the space from different angles, if they need to. Its a tool that are specially suitable for clients to get an overview of the whole space and see if it can fulfill the clients needs.

3D Floor plan

Give your clients the full view of the space seen from above.

This gives the full view of all the rooms seen from above, and makes it easy for your clients and their visitors to get the full view of your venue.

Ekstra features

Exploit all the benefits from a virtual presentation by adding tags on your products, highligt special areas or create virtual rooms for arranging online-meetings.



Visualize your logo in the presentation



Gives the user the posibility to jump to a specific area in the virtual presentation.



Text, images or video provides the user with more information about different elements or areas and ensures a bigger engangement.



See the number of visitors, how much time they spend in your virtual space and their behavior in the virtual space. A strong tool to adjust the physical space to what users wants.


Live-feature- for online meetings:

Arrange Live video-meetings in a virtual room, so it feels like meeting in the physical room in real life. Engage with the participants and let them take part in the meeting in a whole new way.

Try it out for yourself at the Scandic Hotel

Which industries can benefit from virtual presentations?

We help clients in all types of industries, within the private sector and the public sector.

There are no limitations for, which industries that can benefit e.g. from a virtual walkthrough. An increasing need for a more sustainable way of running a business, and more demand from clients for visiting places from a distance, shows the need for virtual presentations. If you want to know more about how we can help you and your business take advantage of this technology, dont hesitate to reach out to us.

We have helped clients in various industries

Retail, Hotels, Restaurants, Day Care Centers, Schools, Construction companies, etc. etc.

Reach out and lets have a talk about how we can help you.

How it works

Our operator arrives at your location, and start scanning the place, making sure that there are no areas that are not scanned, to avoid black areas on the 3D model.

Next step is to process all the scans and create the virtual walkthrough.

The end-result are delivered within an agreed timeframe depending on the size of the job.

Its crucial for us that we always deliver a high quality product on every single job. Dont hesitate to reach out if you want a high quality virtual presentation.

With our solution you can:

  • Integrate your virtual presentation on to your own setup
  • Send it to your clients via mail
  • Upload it to Google Street View
  • Upload it to social medias or any other online marketing-channel

What does quality cost?

Our professional setup, international experience and high quality solution are among some of the most sought after in the market. Thats why we are not the cheapest, but our portfolio and wellknown solutions are among the best.

Prisen indeholder:

  • Et månedligt abonnement som dækker support og hosting – startende fra Kr. 312,- pr. mdr. ekskl. moms.
  • Et hav af funktioner, som løfter din præsentation til det næste niveau.

We always customize the presentation, so it covers the specific needs of every client.